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The poster for the May 2022 ICAMus events in Florence, Italy can be viewed and downloaded on the ICAMus Website.

Two different combinations of electric colors (yellow-red and orange-purple) surround the iconic Emily Dickinson daguerreotype (c. 1847) in the poster for the May 2022 ICAMus events in Florence, Italy, focusing on American poetry and American art song, and particularly showcasing settings of Emily Dickinson’s poetry by various composers.

Special thanks to graphic designer Daniela Baggiani - ZuMedia for creating the poster.


Emily Dickinson’s portrait in the poster: Emily Dickinson daguerreotype, ca. 1847. Amherst College, gift of Millicent Todd Bingham, 1956. The image below shows the portrait in its original case.


ED Daguerreotype complete 1847 (1500x857).jpg

Upcoming ICAMus events in Florence, May 16-18, 2022:

Presentations; Concert; CD Celebration with live music, poetry and art; Doctoral Seminar.

Learn more about the May 2022 ICAMus events in Florence HERE.

Thank you to our partners, performers, and speakers. We look forward to sharing this program with our audience!



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