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The ICAMus Studio - Contact Information:


RiverHouse, 1233-102 Island Drive · Ann Arbor, MI 48105-2062, USA
Tel. +1 734 546-5240 · Tel. with WA: +39 371 304-3595 · Fax +1 734 741-1556 · Email: info@icamus.org
Website: www.icamus.org · Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/ICAMus.org · Instagram: www.instagram.com/musics_of_americas


The ICAMus Board of Directors. From left to right: Barbara Boganini, Chiara Sintoni, Aloma Bardi, Paolo Somigli. Certaldo (Florence, Italy), August 24, 2018.

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E-mail addresses for the ICAMus Board of Directors are provided. For general contacts and inquiries, further information on ICAMus projects and submission of proposals, please use the ICAMus address. 

ICAMus: info@icamus.org


Aloma Bardi (President): alomabardi@icamus.org

Chiara Sintoni (Vice-President): chiarasintoni@fastwebnet.it


Barbara Boganini (Board Member): b.boganini@cameratastrumentale.org

Dorothea Gail (Board Member): dorotheagail@gmx.de

Roberta Prada (Board Member): robertaprada@mac.com

Evan Rothstein (Board Member): evan.rothstein@ecmta.eu

Paolo Somigli (Board Member): paolo.somigli@fastwebnet.it


Marta Poggesi (Secretary): marta.poggesi@gmail.com

Lorenzo Puliti (Secretary): lorepuliti@gmail.com; lorenzopuliti@icamus.org


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ICAMus - The International Center for American Music
Non-Profit Organization / Associazione Culturale
Legal address: Via F. Brunetti 32, 50133 Firenze, ITALY
C.F. 94107380480


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