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One often wonders how the New World America disclosed itself to the eyes of the explorers centuries ago, and what amazement such “difference” generated. But no breakthrough is conclusive. After centuries, it is meaningful to keep alive the spirit of discovery toward the most original, sometimes the less-explored facets of American creativity—Music is one of them.  

ICAMus, The International Center for American Music, is a Non-Profit Organization committed to the study, performance and teaching of American music and America’s musical life. ICAMus focuses on the often unrecognized importance of American music, particularly outside the United States, and on the diversity, continuity and consistency of American musical traditions.  

The Center provides specialist advisory service on American music to scholars and performers, as well as orientation for students of all levels. Its archive is a constantly expanded and revised collection of source materials and scholarly output on American musical experience, and it is updated with the latest records of news and events, as an on-line diary of the Organization.  

The International Center for American Music welcomes you to its Web site, service of specialist advice, and on-line documentation resource.

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Tel. +1 734 546-5240 · Tel. with WA: +39 371 304-3595 · Fax +1 734 741-1556 · Email: info@icamus.org

Website: www.icamus.org

Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/ICAMus.org

Instagram: www.instagram.com/musics_of_americas


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