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RiverHouse, 1233-102 Island Drive · Ann Arbor, MI 48105-2062, USA
Tel. +1 734 546-5240 · Tel. with WA: +39 371 304-3595 · Fax +1 734 741-1556 · Email: info@icamus.org
ICAMus - The International Center for American Music promotes knowledge and appreciation of American music and music making in the US and the Americas. The Center maintains an inclusive orientation towards musical life in the United States, from its beginning to contemporary time. Significant attention is devoted to Early American Music. The Organization focuses on the study of musical sources, and on the unity and integration of research, teaching, performance, and experimentation.

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THE ICAMUS EXPERIENCE. In its numerous years of activity, ICAMus has engaged in a diversity of projects and events. This section provides a Resume of the Center outlining the progress of its scope and achievements. A Directory of the ICAMus events 2003-2010 is also featured, inclusive of Chronology and Indices. [...]


BECOMING AN ICAMus MEMBER. The ICAMus Web site provides specialist advisory service on American music to scholars and performers, as well as orientation for students of all levels. The site draws on the Center’s 13-year experience; it is a constantly expanded, updated and carefully revised collection of source materials [...]


ICAMus RESEARCHES IN AMERICAN MUSIC. The In-Depth Area features a large selection of original resources on American music, produced within the Organization and made accessible nowhere else, as well as retrieved from various external repositories. In Depth is constantly being populated with new contents. [...]