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Video Lecture “Lo sguardo poetico americano: America is a Poem” by Aloma Bardi. Video presentation, essay and in-depth resources published on the ICAMus channels.

Aloma Bardi’s video lecture Lo sguardo poetico americano: "America is a Poem” is the first chapter of the ongoing ICAMus program Poets and Composers from the United States and American Art Song, a collaboration of ICAMus with Lyceum Club Internazionale di Firenze, directed by Aloma Bardi and Nicole Panizza. The May 17, 2021 video presentation is now published on the ICAMus YouTube channel; the complete essay, and the accompanying resources are accessible on the ICAMus website, In-Depth section.

Watch the video HERE.

Read and download the complete Essay; listen to, view, and read the In-Depth Resources – PowerPoint presentation, Music tracks with direct interactive links, Song texts and translations, Comments by Duo Emergence, Bibliography – HERE.


Aloma Bardi - America is a Poem - PPT-36_page-0001.jpg

This page is illustrated with screen shots and slides from Aloma Bardi’s video lecture Lo sguardo poetico americano. “America is a Poem.” The original artwork featured in the illustrations is by Antonella Bardi-SguardiDanza Centro per la Coreografia e le Arti Visive: Emily Dickinson’s Herbarium Reimagined, mixed media collages 1990s-2020; some of the collages were commissioned specifically for this program.

Screenshot Aloma 2.jpg

In the image above: Aloma Bardi presenting on Poets and Composers from the United States and American Art Song at the ICAMus Studio in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA, on May 17, 2021.

Aloma Bardi - America is a Poem - PPT-8_page-0001.jpg

In the photo below: the DUO EMERGENCE (Nadine Benjamin, soprano - Nicole Panizza, piano). Photo © Robert Workman.

Learn more about pianist-musicologist Dr. Nicole Panizza, member of the ICAMus Advisory Board HERE.

Learn more about lyric soprano and mentor Nadine Benjamin, MBE HERE.


Nadine and Nicole (4).jpg Aloma Bardi - America is a Poem - PPT-45_page-0001.jpg

WATCH THE VIDEO - In Italian, with slides including original texts and documents, and visual art.

Illustration below: Portrait of Ralph Waldo Emerson (Boston 1803-Concord, Mass. 1882): Philosopher, preacher, essayist, poet, lecturer, abolitionist. Etching in: Emerson, Complete Works, Houghton, Mifflin & Co. (Riverside Edition), Boston 1883-1899; digitized copy; original from University of Michigan.

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